Debriefing Skills

Course Duration: ONE DAY
Reflection, review and resilience. Debriefing is a critical professional skill which can mean the difference between rectifying issues with continuous improvement and continually repeating the same experiences.

In fact, as a critical “postvention” tool, effective debriefing can be just as critical to effective operations and emergency responsiveness as preventative measures.

Drawing on the fields of appreciative enquiry, strengths-based practice and collaborative learning, this course promotes the value of taking a continuous improvement approach which promotes accountability and continuous improvement without blame.

This practical course takes a structured and planned approach to the art of debriefing and develops a suite of skills for doing it effectively. The skills covered are applicable to the debriefing of critical incidents and emergencies, but can also be applied to the reflective analysis and evaluation of new experiences, major projects and staff or organisational review.

Topics include:

  • The role and benefits of debriefing
  • Embedding structured systems
  • Debriefing styles and tools
  • Incident analysis
  • Steps for effective debriefing
  • Practical vs psychological debriefing
  • Prioritising improvement over blame
  • Appreciative, strengths-based perspectives
  • Real-world applications

This course includes

  • Engaging, up-to-date materials.
  • Take-home reference package and free online resources.
  • All day catering and beverages - with dietary needs catered for.
  • Post-course contacts for help and advice.
  • Certificate of attendance.

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