EMPOWER disability-led advocacy training

EMPOWER is a project funded by the Department for Communities to support self-advocacy and associated community supports for people with disability.

It is all about supporting the human rights of people with disability to stand up for their rights, make their own decisions and have their voices heard.

The project is being coordinated by Evolve Events and Training with our community partners: Western Australia’s Individualised Services (WAiS), People with Disabilities WA (PWdWA), Carers WA and Midlas. EMPOWER is a two year co-designed project to build the advocacy capacity of three key groups:

  • People with disability
  • Family and carers
  • Community and organisations

People with disability

Speak-up: Self-Advocacy SkillsFocus on developing the skills and confidence to self-advocate.

A structured, practical and empowering course designed to build capacity and confidence for independent self-advocacy. We will draw upon existing co-designed resources and training materials, including those already co-designed by each of our partner organisations in partnership with stakeholders.

Mentoring SkillsFocus on developing self-advocacy skills by providing peer support.

A 12 month hosted mentoring program where experienced self-advocates with disabilities who have completed the mentoring training are paid to mentor others – primarily people who have completed the self-advocacy course.

For family members and carers

Support Self-Advocacy Skills Focus on providing support to people with disabilities to self-advocate and empowering self-determination.

This intensive one-day course will be designed to build the capacity of families, carers and others to “walk alongside” people with a disability and support their advocacy journeys. Along with the legal and practical skills of advocacy, this course will build capacity of participants to support self-determination and support people with disabilities to identify and pursue their own individual goals.

The course is structured around the process of “empowerment advocacy”. Participants will build their capacity to provide practical and emotional assistance during the advocacy process, while empowering the person they are supporting to advocate for themselves and become increasingly independent as a self-advocate.

For community and organisations

Know Your RightsFactual information about legal rights and recourses.

Short public seminars on key issues such as housing, employment, education and access to premises. These community seminars will be available to everyone, including people with disabilities, families, carers and community stakeholders.

Disability Access and InclusionFocus on legal responsibilities, disability awareness, and how to improve access and inclusion.

Workplace training designed for employers, community organisations, landlords and service providers.