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MindShift: Thought Tools for Mental Calm

Our thoughts create our experiences. In fact, it is our internal “self talk” and the nature of our “mental life”, which determines our moods, emotions, subjective experiences and ultimately our quality of life.

Most of us have ingrained thinking habits, which detract from or hinder our lives, without us even being aware of them. The good news is that thoughts can be changed.

Whether you are interested in improving your own wellbeing or acquiring a suite of activities for use with clients, this course will provide powerful insights and practical tools for modifying thought patterns, to improve your life.

  • Tuning in to self-fulfilling self talk
  • Thought-linked experience
  • Protection of core beliefs
  • Helpful and unhelpful thoughts
  • Catch-Check-Change approach
  • Rational challenge
  • Mental filters
  • The power of focus
  • Reprogramming the subconscious
  • Choosing new thought habits
  • Top cognitive hacks!

This course includes

  • Engaging, up-to-date materials.
  • Take-home reference package and free online resources.
  • All day catering and beverages - with dietary needs catered for.
  • Certificate of attendance.


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