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Enhanced Memory

Memory tools for easier recall and improved performance. So much of what we do in life relies on our working or long-term memory skills. Yet the digital age has seen the erosion of human memory skills in many countries. Most people significantly underutilise their memory capacity.

A great memory is the cornerstone of learning and is critical to effective decision making. It also has the potential to improve relationships and help with innovation. Specialist memory techniques reap immediate productivity, efficiency and social benefits.

This fascinating course will accelerate your memory skills and reveal ways anyone can boost their cognitive function, recall and mental acuity. We will learn how to strengthen the ‘memory muscle’, making it stronger and more powerful over time.

Whether you currently believe you have a “good” or “bad” memory, this course will provide you with a range of accessible tools and techniques that anyone can use to develop a strong and useful memory

Topics include:

  • Understand memory function
  • Sensory, short-term and long-term memory
  • Attention tools and proactive focus
  • Encoding, transfer and storage
  • Building your memory muscle
  • Sensory modes of memory
  • Visualisation and cognitive echo
  • Effective scaffolding
  • Chunking, narrative and mnemonic devices
  • Reducing age related cognitive decline

This course includes

  • Engaging, up-to-date materials.
  • Take-home reference package and free online resources.
  • All day catering and beverages - with dietary needs catered for.
  • Certificate of attendance.


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