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Coercive Control and Gaslighting

Not all abuse is physical. Coercive control is a pattern of behaviour such as assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim. This controlling behaviour is designed to make a person dependent by isolating them from support, exploiting them, depriving them of independence and regulating their behaviour.

It is often associated with gaslighting which is a form of psychological abuse where the perpetrator makes someone question their sanity, perception of reality, or memories. Both of these abuses are all the more dangerous because of their insidious nature which erodes victims’ confidence and sense of self and often remains invisible to outsiders.

This insightful and revealing training course explores the nature of gaslighting and coercive control and empowers participants to recognise and ultimately combat these behaviours. Focusing on prevention and safety, this course shines a light in dark places but provides practical and hopeful responses which aid safety and healing.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the issues
  • Bearing witness: the power of presence
  • Evaluating the situation
  • Signs that help is needed
  • Safe interventions
  • Tools for safety and wellbeing
  • Honouring victims’ wishes
  • What can I do legally?

This course includes

  • Engaging, up-to-date materials.
  • Take-home reference package and free online resources.
  • All day catering and beverages - with dietary needs catered for.
  • Certificate of attendance.


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