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Adapting to Change

Change is inevitable in all organisations, but can often be a source of stress, tension and uncertainty for staff. In this course we explore the fluctuations commonly experienced by organisations and how to stay balanced while dealing with those changes.

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Drawing on the science of stress and evidence-based anxiety management, this course will strengthen participants’ understanding of the experience of stress and provide practical strategies for dealing with and managing worry, stress and anxiety.

Aboriginal Mental Health First Aid

This specialist two-day crisis response course is the mental health equivalent of standard First Aid, in an Aboriginal context. Led by a skilled Aboriginal trainer this course is ideal for anyone working with Aboriginal communities.

Complaint Handling and Customer Retention

Organisations spend huge amounts of money on attracting new clients, while it is far easier to retain those they already have. Explore what it takes to retain customers and learn how the way complaints are handled can impact service quality and organisational success.


A powerful but easy to learn technique, mindfulness is clinically proven to promote balance and wellbeing while helping with a wide range of mental health disorders. This course provides participants with the foundations for establishing a daily mindfulness practice.

Mood Tools: Regulating Emotions for Self and Clients

Our moods and emotions can be a powerful force in our lives, impacting work, relationships, productivity and ultimately our quality of life. Rather than exploring the complex causes of mental health and emotional variability, this course focuses on a series of practical and effective tools anyone can use on a daily basis to manage our moods and deal with emotions more effectively.

Managing Workplace Mental Health

One in four Australians will experience a mental illness at some point in their lives. This course looks at general understandings of mental health issues, how to support staff and legal compliance/duty of care requirements for managers.

Time Management Tools

We all get 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, but some of us seem to use that time more effectively. This course looks at a range of proven and effective tools to help participants to organise their lives and make the most of their limited time.

Sustainable Event Management

Events can do significant social and environmental damage, or they can have a powerful positive impact, depending on their environmental ‘footprint’. This course explores easy and low-cost ways an event can become more sustainable and shows the benefits of doing so.

Vicarious Trauma

Traumatic events often have a second wave of impact on those who surround and support the direct survivors. In doing the important work of engaging with and helping those who have been traumatised, supporters are often personally impacted.

Exploring Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are one of the most misunderstood and stigmatised mental health conditions. This practical and accessible workshop is designed to sort the myths from the facts and empower better service provision.

Individualised Services and Person-centred Care

Person-centred care is all about responding to individual needs and preferences when providing health and community services. In an era of consumer-choice funding and sector evolution, service provision is all about moving beyond the “one size fits all” approaches of the past, to individual focus, personalised planning and responsive, nimble services.